Substance Designer PBR Convert & Render - Custom Node


I decided to create my own custom output node that converts a bunch of input maps. Found it really useful having a base template that has default values  so I can quickly visualize what my base heightmap, normal and HBAO looks like. Loads of controls have been added all based around my workflow.

I also recently changed my render workflow to use the new PBR Render node that Allegorithmic updated in the latest Designer 2020. Including in my node you can toggle between a coloured render and flat grey plus a texture breakdown of the maps. 

Description has been added to what each group does in the main node but should be self explanatory. Also I added some render examples of how good the PBR Render makes stuff look like. 

Contents Include: x1 sbs

Disclaimer: You need Substance Designer 2020.1.2 or newer.

Hope someone finds this useful for their own work.

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